Anthroposophy and Spiritual Science

Andy Lewis

Monday, September 29 2014 at 7:00PM

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Casablanca Lounge Bar
Casa Maroc
The Old Malthouse
Bartholomew Street East

Andy Lewis

What's the talk about?

With the coalition approving new Steiner Schools to open under the Free School Programme, it is timely to look closely at the origins and beliefs of Rudolf Steiner, the founder of the occult movement of Anthroposophy. Steiner was a mystic who believed he had direct clairvoyant access to cosmic knowledge. As such he developed an esoteric belief system based on karma, reincarnation, astrology, homeopathy and gnomes. His visions gave insights into architecture, art, dance, agriculture, medicine, education, science and diet. His racial hierarchy of spiritual developmental resonated in Germany in the early 20th Century turning a personal belief into a worldwide movement. Today we find hundreds of anthroposphically inspired organisations in the UK alone: everything from Steiner Schools, Biodynamic farms to banks, pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, charities and cheese makers.

Andy Lewis has been trying to lift the veil on the inner secrets of the movement and will discuss how this secretive movement has direct impact on public life.

We will be using the gnome-proof surroundings of the basement Bar Casablanca at Casa Maroc which we'll have to ourselves. There is now a proper projector and screen built in.

This is an Exeter Skeptics in the Pub event, we'd like it to be free but speakers and venues cost money, so what we'd like to do is ask for £4 on the door, and we will be working out a food deal in the restaurant upstairs. That will not only help keep our hosts happy, but solvent. Friends of Exeter Skeptics can get in for nothing (payable £6 for the rest of 2014, and £12 for 2015).

I would encourage people who are planning on having a meal to book tables upstairs themselves and get their meal started by 6.30pm as we will need to get going at 7.30pm. Restaurant opens at 5:30. Official Doors on the room will be 7pm. Also food can be served downstairs, but out of consideration for the speaker please try to get that ordered in time for the talk to start.